Pearl Linguistics provides Editing Services and Proof-reading Services for the largest publishing companies in the UK, including Penguin Books, Blackwell Publishing and the medical and scientific publishers, Elsevier.

  • The linguists used for proof reading are all English native speakers with linguistics degrees 
  • Our proof readers have undertaken specific training and are offered as a ‘second pair of eyes’ 
  • We offer General or Specialist Knowledge copy proof reading. Should the copy be medical in subject, we would only assign a linguist with the relevant background and experience to work on such text 
  • We offer, free of charge, all post proof reading linguistic support from the linguist engaged to work on your copy 
  • Before any work is undertaken, we will be happy to supply CVs of any linguist assigned to your project

Editorial proof-reading

We offer a quality editorial proof reading service in the following areas:

  • Legal articles
  • Medical texts
  • Technical manuals
  • Scientific journals
  • Financial Marketing copy
  • Biographies
  • Educational Publishing
  • Fiction & Non-Fiction
  • Website content

All of our proof-readers follow the 9 steps as set out below:

  1. They review the master copy to contextualise the nature of the copy and accurately reproduce a rendering of such in editorial copy.
  2. Check the proofs for spelling, grammatical errors, punctuation and any omissions.
  3. Supply any missing text, using consistent prose style and terminology as evidenced in the exiting copy.
  4. Check that the copy conveys the correct meaning
  5. Ensure that the terminology used is consistent throughout.
  6. Ensure that the terms used adhere to any localised territories' target readership (eg: US English dental terminology -v- UK English terminology).
  7. Check that all numerical values, figures and specifications are consistent.
  8. Check the layout of the document carefully e.g.
    • position of text in copy 
    • paragraphs
    • font size
    • correct font
    • correct accents (no corrupted characters)
  9. Ensure that the text in bold, italic, upper/lower case and underlined and text in the copy is accurate and consistent.

Quality is a watchword at Pearl so to give you even more peace of mind; we are one of the few linguistics companies in the UK to have obtained an ISO9001 Quality Management Systems accreditation. We are also a member of both ATC & ITI the two most prestigious linguistics governing bodies in the UK.

For our efficiency in providing these services, last year we were awarded the Best Service Award by the Government Opportunities. The same year also saw Pearl being awarded the Excellence in Customer Service award by London Chamber of Commerce.

If you need editing services and proof-reading services, call us today on +44 (0)20 7253 7700 or email us at sales@pearllinguistics.com. Or simply click on "Get a Translation Quote" and send us your enquiry online.

We guarantee to get back to you within 30 minutes. You will be provided with a "no obligation" quote and will be able to see just how competitive we are.

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